2017.09.13 stonerbros vanilla server update!
Hello everyone, found some time tu fix and add some things:
  • fixed voting links
  • 7 vote links removed
  • added claim blocks as rewards for voting
  • installed "griefprevention" plugin
  • Server going to be semi-vanilla
Here are some important list of all possible commands for griefprevention:
What will the wipe schedule be like? I'm asking because of reasons.  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
well idk my self yet. I mean i just want to delete world time after time.. we need to disccuss this and make poll or something. We could have vote before vevery wipe i think Smile
I'd vote 3 months if that would help with decisions
It sounds ok for me.. Big Grin

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