Your very special song in your life ?
So i boyz and gurlz what is you very special song, the most you like or is somehow important in your life?

My is "Bob Marley - badboys". Why ?

Short stroy... When i was 16 years old i smoked weed for the first time with my new friends i met... One guy said, hey you look like that small nigger from the movie "badboys". Oh!! said everyone, yah he realy does! And from that day all my friends started calling me badboy instead of my name. I was pretty ok with that and accepted the nickname. We smoked weed for some years all together... i heard this song so many times while high, my friends were singing it to me and shit.. thats why this song is so important in my life, and fuck yah i realy love the song it self. I have heard all possible remixes, edits and remakes...

So don't be a cum, and share your story! Or song at least.

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