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StonerBros  We are a 420 community of lovely and just amazing people who play games, listen to music, share their latest purchases, creations, ideas and discoveries, or just talk to each other ... StonerBros was founded in 2013 (with 420 minecraft server) and since then we have been growing, attitudes towards games and everything else changing but the number of people in our community is growing every day. If you are a mature person and looking for community where you can talk / share a topic you like than StonerBros is for you. We have dozens of channels and categories to choose from.

  • Also We host game servers like: minecraft, cs:go and such.
  • Giveaways!
  • Smoke sesions.
  • NSFW Content.
  • Mature community since 2013!


Red  To get "The Real Stoners" role you need to be 16+ years old , post a selfie in #đź“·selfies-applications of your self and stuff you smoke or tools you use.
Don't forget to mention "Stoned Staff", one of staff members will review you photo and eventually you will be promoted and allowed to access some locked channels. Meaning you can feel more safe when sharing something private ...
We have over 20+ selfroles you can assign your self just by few clicks.
Go to #đź’±selfroles channel and react to specific emoji to get the role you want.
You think there is a making sense role to be added and it's not here ? Tell us in the #đź’ˇsuggestions and we may add it.

  • Do not spam and use proper channels! (Spam bot commands and other bullshit in #đź‘ľcommands-spam). Only official "bong" bot (when it's online) is ok to use everywhere on the server. We all want this place to be easy to read and communicate
  • Advertising of other discord servers, game servers, websites or selling products is NOT ALLOWED. You can post your twitch, youtube channels if you are game in #🎯gaming-general and if you are artist/creator in #🎨music-and-arts channels.
  • NSFW stuff goes to #đź’‹hardcore-nsfw ONLY! Please, do not post some kid porno or pedo stuff, we do NOT allow this.
  • If there is something unclear DM or mention any "Administrator" or any member of "Stoned Staff" team and ask them about your issue or whatever it is before you do something dumb.
  • This is freedom of speech server. But please try not to be a total asshole. All we want is you to be normal, follow these simple rules and chill here. It means no hate speech towards other community members. Else talk here whatever you want ...
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