Welcome to StonerBros

Welcome to StonerBros 420 gaming community. We smoke, we play games, we chat and chill.

Who We Are

StonerBros.org is a gaming community with people who like marijuana in short. Our goal is to collect as much as possible stoner gamers and nice people in one place. We have been doing this since 2013 with our first and the only one at that time 420 minecraft server. We continue growing our community and hosting various types of game servers. Our mission is clear, grow and have fun all together.


Our game servers

This is just a few of servers we host, we play many other games too. join our discord for more info, or suggest game you want us to host server for.

Join Our Discord

Discord is our main cummunication software we use, for that we have official server: discord.me/stonerbros